Who is Silvadec

Silvadec is the pioneer wood composite manufacture in Europe. The company has been manufacturing terrace decking, fencing and cladding boards since 2001.

How can the products be procured?

Silvadec products are distributed by wood and construction material wholesalers. The company does not make any direct sales. Fill in our form specifically for your project, we will put you into contact with our partner closest to you.

What environmental commitments has Silvadec made?

Silvadec continues its work on the environment every year. The company applies eco-responsible management, warranteed by ISO standard 14001. It is also the first French manufacturer of wood composite to be PEFC certified. Finally, Silvadec contributes to the struggle against deforestation: no trees are cut down to manufacture boards.

What spacing should be left between joists?

The maximum c/c distance between joists is 40 cm for an angle of 90° between joists and boards. For angles of less than 90°, the spacing between joists should be smaller. Please refer to placement principles for further information.