Smooth Elegance Decking Board

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  • #27904 - Smooth Elegance Decking Board - Colors: Colorado brown - 0,00€
  • #27903 - Smooth Elegance Decking Board - Colors: Exotic brown - 0,00€
  • #27902 - Smooth Elegance Decking Board - Colors: Anthracite grey - 0,00€
  • #27905 - Smooth Elegance Decking Board - Colors: Iroise grey - 0,00€


A wood composite decking board with a smooth, sleek finish

If you are looking for a refined wood composite decking board, the smooth finish of this board will be an ideal choice. It confers a sleek appearance down to the smallest details.


The Smooth Elegance board is perfect for…

… your swimming pool decks and all types of patios. This smooth, understated, sleek finish makes cleaning very easy, resulting in easier care. This board is more sensitive to the use of furniture.  It is particularly pleasant when barefoot, and has good slip resistance.

A monochrome woodcomposite decking board designed to last

EElegance decking boards are solid non-reversible boards. The smooth Elegance board is part of Silvadec's Natural Range. Like all our products, it is derived from the Silvadec wood composite Technology, and has unique durability due its reconstitution in the form of fibers. The monochrome color-impregnated board with a smooth finish will please everyone who likes understated elegance.

Pair the different finishes of Elegance boards!

If you want a customized and innovative patio, you might like to alternate boards with the Elegance Grooved or Elegance embossed finish.

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  • Colors: Colorado brown, Exotic brown, Anthracite grey, Iroise grey