New: video report by a landscaper-installer!

Discover Henri Mignon’s video report direct from his “Couleur Jardin” showroom. Henri Mignon is a landscaper installer and President of UNEP. He is based in the Lorient region and has been working with Silvadec products for 10 years.

What does he think their advantages are? Silvadec allows him to offer a product to his customers satisfying all their expectations: a long-life product requiring little maintenance that does not turn grey, that requires low maintenance, is a solid material and has an impeccable finish. Laying Silvadec boards is also very good for him and his teams: dense boards that can be customised with a clean finish and without cuts, an easily installed product made in France !

He is in a good position to know because he installs about 40 sites per year in France: follow the guide!