How is Silvadec® Wood Composite worked?

Silvadec Wood Composite is worked in exactly the same way and with the same tools as solid wood. It is much easier to work than a tropical hardwood.

Is a Silvadec® wood composite board affected by dimensional variations?

Yes. Silvadec  wood composite is composed of 2/3 wood and is subject to slight dimensional variations, which is why expansion clearances mentioned in the placement principles have to be respected.

Why do placement principles have to be respected?

Because wood composite has its own characteristics and special features . Respecting Silvadec placement principles assures that your decking will remain stable in the long term.

Can steps and rounded shapes be made?

Yes, this is one of the advantages of a solid board compared with a hollow board. Composite boards can be worked more easily to give a larger number of style effets.

Should Silvadec decking joists be simply placed or fixed?

Silvadec wood composite joists must be placed on the ground (floating placement). Only solid wood joists need to be fixed.

What spacing should be left between joists?

The maximum c/c distance between joists is 40 cm for an angle of 90° between joists and boards. For angles of less than 90°, the spacing between joists should be smaller. Please refer to placement principles for further information.

Do decking boards have to be placed on joists?

Yes, boards are always placed on joists so as to have a minimum ventilation under the decking of 5 cm.  Refer to Decking placement principes

Can board finishes and colours be mixed?

Yes, many projects have been completed with alternating boards with different colours, different widths or finishes.

In what direction should decking boards be placed (horizontal / vertical) compared to the deck?

The boards are usually placed horizontally perpendicular to the adjacent wall. This choice is above all aesthetic, but it also important to be sure that the direction of the boards does not hinder water drainage.

In what direction should cladding boards be placed?

Cladding slat boards can be placed horizontally or vertically.