Environmental Commitment

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ISO standard 14001: Silvadec successfully passes its 2016 audit


ISO 14001 is an international certification awarded to organisations taking sustainable action in favour of eco-responsible management. Certified companies must implement new actions every year intended to limit the impact on the environment, so as to validate inspection audits. Silvadec has been ISO 14001 certified since March 2014, and has recently successfully passed the audit for this year 2016. This validation confirms the […]

Silvadec: its eco-responsibility is confirmed

ISO 14001 (b)

ISO standard 14001: Silvadec has been granted renewal of its certification. As a result of a successful external audit, Silvadec has once more received the virtuous ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is an international certification granted to organisations working continuously to achieve aco-responsible management. Certified companies must implement new actions every year aiming to limit the environmental impact. Obtaining […]